Exercises in Losing Control | Karolina Breguła



Karolina Breguła

Collaboration: Ypsilon

Fujifilm Inkjet Photo-Paper: FUJIFILM HELLAS S.A.

Opening: Tuesday, 17 October, 20:00

“Exercises in Losing Control” is a multimedia exhibition/installation, hosted in one of the most emblematic historical buildings of Thessaloniki – today’s Ypsilon.

The artist Karolina Breguła has for years been attempting in various ways to document an international and dark social phenomenon, that of expropriations, mass evictions, demolitions and loss of homes.

In this project, she is focusing on the strategies of contractor landscaping and the possible tactics of resistance against them, the social processes taking place in demolition sites, and -most importantly- the experiences of those losing their homes.

Through her documentary strategy, Breguła sets up a visual installation leaving open all fields of interpretation regarding the most simple, fundamental, yet complex human need: the existence and the sense of home.

She seeks to capture the life-changing moment, as well as the subsequent uncertainty and instability experienced by the inhabitants of areas undergoing such changes, architectural, social and quotidian.

She explores and captures the sounds, images, senses and the experience of such a loss and what it represents; both as a life experience and as a metaphor, both as a psychological and as a broader social trauma.

The global phenomenon of gentrification is changing microclimates, neighborhoods and lives, architectural, economic, social, historical and even working environments. Who is critical of these changes?  Who anticipates or provides for their long-term social consequences? Can people actually exercise the loss of control?

Breguła’s oeuvre draws attention on the lived experience of people -and herself, too- living through similar changes and displacements, structuring a micro-historical analysis that aims for macro-historical conclusions.




Karolina Breguła (b. 1979) is a visual artist, a graduate of the National Film School in Łódź. She creates films, photographs, installations and performances. Her work explores the problems of social, political and urban changes. She is interested in art and architecture as part of her anthropological and sociological observations. She scrutinizes the detrimental effect of artists’ work, the remedial and destructive force of artistic activity, rituals connected to art and art’s social role. Many of her works are co-created with their protagonists and participants, blurring the border lines between professional and amateur artistic activity. Her works have been exhibited at institutions such as National Museum in Warsaw, Jewish Museum in New York and MOCA Taipei and at international events such as Venice Art Biennale and Singapore Biennale. She is the winner of the second prize in the Views 2013 Deutsche Bank Foundation Award, the third Samsung Art Master 2007 award and the 2016 Golden Claw at the Gdynia Film Festival. Her works are included in collections such as Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Wrocław Contemporary Museum and ING Polish Art Foundation. She is an associate professor at Academy of Art in Szczecin and collaborates with lokal_30 Gallery. She lives in Warsaw.

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