Daniel Mayrit

Since 2020, the defeats of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen may have meant the beginning of the end of populism, the phenomenon that has become one of the biggest political challenges of recent years. During the last decade countless studies have gained prominence in the academic field. The topic has also proliferated in TV […]

Dimitris Michalakis

In a concerted, long-term project, Dimitris Michalakis has documented the impact of the 2007-8 global financial crisis on Greece as austerity was imposed on the country: widespread unemployment and homelessness, the fall of a quarter of the population into poverty, the disintegration of healthcare and other public services. The human costs as wrought on those […]


No More Flags is made up of many heavily-altered photographs of extreme right-wing marches in the UK and USA. The flags have been crudely removed from the images to withdraw their asserted legitimacy, and their implied message of being for the benefit of a national identity owned and defined by these groups. By taking the […]

The Archive of Public Protests

The Archive of Public Protests brings together visual traces of social activism, grassroots initiatives opposing not just political decisions but also breaches of democratic norms and human rights. It is a collection of images that constitute a warning against rising populism and discrimination in the broadest sense of the term: xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and also […]

Ana Carolina Fernandes

Since 2008, Ana Carolina Fernandes has made documentary photography about some of the most pressing and deeply structural issues in Brazilian society. The selection here focuses particularly on her work as these issues became exacerbated during the rule of the right-wing populist regime of Jair Bolsonaro. She has made work about the deep class divides […]

Prarthna Singh

The series Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh (Every Evening Belongs to Shaheen Bagh) is an ode to the infinite courage and resilience of the women of Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, who sat in protest for a 100 days and nights. Drawn from a book of photographs, drawings, songs, letters and other material gathered as a record of […]

Wolfgang Scheppe

The term ‘Barrikadenwetter’ (barricade weather) was coined by the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin: it denotes the moment of transition, as a revolutionary subject emerges in collective action, and reifies itself as an obstruction that stands in the way of the state forces of established order. As a former artillery officer, he knew in the revolutionary year […]

Dougie Wallace

Dougie Wallace’s series Harrodsburg is an up-close wealth safari, exploring the wildlife that inhabits the super-rich residential and retail district of Knightsbridge and Chelsea—an area which takes in the Brompton Road down to Sloane Square and up to The Ritz on Piccadilly. The project is a timely and stark exposé of the emergence of an […]

Lauren Greenfield

The title of the project and many of the pictures could mislead the reader to think that this is a work about the 1 percent, about people who are wealthy. It is not. This work is about the aspiration for wealth and how that has become a driving force—and at the same time an increasingly […]

Kostas Kapsianis

“[…] a neighborhood of wide lawns and narrow minds.” –Ernest Hemingway Privacy equals isolation. Withdrawal within the walls. Concrete and gates closed against any likely or unlikely invasion. Thus people, neighborhood, community and society became undesirable. We replace nature with lawns. We abandon timeless values greedily; social and economic mobility, critical thinking, human measure, community-building […]

Rafal Milach

For more than a decade, Milach has been working on a long-term project focusing on the propaganda mechanisms of contemporary corrupt democracies and authoritarian regimes. I Am Warning You, the latest chapter of this project, is an architectural survey dedicated to the state control in the context of rising right wing populisms and anti-migration policies. […]

Uta Kögelsberger

Set against the background of a renewed focus on the complexities related to understandings of identity and difference, inextricably linked with conceptions of nationhood, its entitlements and the blurring of global and local scales, Uncertain Subjects was a direct response to the populist agendas that came to the surface in the process of Britain’s complex […]