Julian Stallabrass

Julian Stallabrass is a writer, photographer, curator and lecturer. His books include Killing for Show: Photography, War and the Media in Vietnam and Iraq, 2020; A Very Short Introduction to Contemporary Art, updated edition, 2020; Internet Art: The Online Clash Between Culture and Commerce, 2003; Paris Pictured, 2002; and High Art Lite: British Art in the 1990s, Verso, London 1999. He curated Art and Money Online for Tate Britain in 2001; the 2008 Brighton Photo Biennial, Memory of Fire: Images of War and the War of Images; and Failing Leviathan: Magnum Photographers and Civil War at the National Civil War Centre, Newark in 2015. He has made online TV programmes about aspects of modern and contemporary art for Tariq Ali TV in the series ‘Rear Window’