The Backyard (2018-2023)



Vicky Georgiou

Curated by

Stratos Kalafatis

Coproduction: MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art-Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and State Museum of Contemporary Art Collections

Fujifilm Inkjet Photo-Paper: FUJIFILM HELLAS S.A.

Opening: Thursday, 19 October, 20:00

This is a homecoming after many years of being away. I collect pieces of untold stories and hidden secrets to understand and reconstruct the past. I try to fill the gap of memory, the gap of time, the gap of space, all the gaps I bore in childhood.

My father was a proud shepherd, highly sought after for his animal husbandry skills. Why did he and my mother make the critical decision to leave their village and move across the world?

Watching my children play in the garden, I can imagine what life must have been like in the “backyard”, one of the few words they brought back from our life in Australia.

I use images as an adhesive material.

Climbing trees with my siblings, the movement of my mother’s hands as we hung out the laundry, the words and silences, the colours, the laid table, the smell of smoke at nightfall.

I open up a trunk that is full of letters and Christmas cards, I try on mother’s clothes, I have my picture taken with her.

I encounter the same questions time and again. Were we ever happy as a family?
Why did we leave? Why did we return? Could forgetting be a good thing?
Why do I rummage through the ashes of memory? Why did I open the backyard door?


Vicky Georgiou was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1975. She graduated from the School of Physical Education & Sports Science of A.U.Th in 1997. For the next 20 years she followed a career as a professional basketball player in Greece and abroad. In 2011 she took online photography lessons at I.E.K ISP of Thessaloniki. In 2013 she earned the second Young Greek Photographers award at Kythera Photographic Encounters. In 2014, selected photos of the multiannual project “Salt Paths” – a travelogue around salt pans across the Greek region – were included in “Wielizka” Cracow Saltworks Museum’s photographic album. Two years later, she became part of the photography team selected for the publication “Center Of Thessaloniki, A Stroll In The City”. Since 2018 and for two years, she attended photography seminars at STUDIOTESSERA with Stratos Kalafatis.

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