Kampos | Stratis Vogiatzis



Stratis Vogiatzis

Curated by

Yorgos Prinos, Stratis Vogiatzis

Collaboration: Mount Athos Center

Opening: Thursday, 12 October, 20:00

In the plain of Chios, imposing mansions dominate the citrus groves that have been cultivated in the area for c. seven centuries. In the series Kampos (2017-2022), Stratis Vogiatzis assumes the role of an unusual narrator, guiding us through the region, combining images with texts, archives and objects, recording testimonies and recollections, creating images that are sometimes documents and sometimes the products of his own staging. In the same vein, the texts, by weaving experience with imagination and legend with history, reveal multiple, often unseen layers of reality, which are carefully hidden behind the walls surrounding the estates. This series listens attentively to the spirit of the place, its interactions with animals and the landscape, the infiltration of nature into culture and vice versa, in an increasingly intractable equation. Vogiatzis thereby creates, as he has put it, a series of “composted narratives”, activating, through an artful process, the fruitful recycling and merger of concepts and ideas about his homeland. His work is a probing examination of the complex, often enigmatic, culture of the Chios plain, which has undergone periods of both great economic prosperity and silent decline. Vogiatzis’ often melancholic venture into local history manages to avoid facile idealization, opting instead for a voyage through space and time that combines the sensory with the intuitive, visibility with invisibility. On another level, the series is a reflection on the thin, often permeable, boundary between document and fiction, between the realms of discourse and the photographic image and their seductive pairing.


Stratis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis is a filmmaker, anthropologist, photographer, producer and writer. He studied economic and political sciences in Thessaloniki and social anthropology in Amsterdam dealing with children and political violence. He has published five books and he exhibits regularly internationally. His work belongs to museums and private collections. He has directed independent films awarded in international film festivals. Regularly works as a facilitator-trainer in community projects applying several participatory and storytelling techniques. He is the founder of Caravan Project, a multi-layered cultural project that has produced numerous interdisciplinary audiovisual productions and community based programs. Caravan project’s mission is to enhance collective intelligence, cultivate the art of living in a damaged planet, raise awareness upon social issues and empower citizens and communities to articulate their own voice.

Yorgos Prinos

Υorgos Prinos is a visual artist.His work explores issues of power and violence at the intersection of human psychology and politics. His photos often feature the human figure in urban space, while devising suggestive and elliptical narratives using found footage from media or the internet. He holds an MFA from the Yale University School of Art and his work has been presented in venues and publications across Europe, the United States and Asia. He has co-edited several books and catalogues and has co-curated exhibitions and projects in Greece and abroad.


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