Between Cities and Skies | Alexandra Riba



Alexandra Riba

Curated by

Kosmas Pavlidis, Yiannis Manolis

Open call for emerging artists

Collaboration: Stereosis School of Photography (SSP)

Support: Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece, MATAROA

Opening: Tuesday, 10 October, 21:00

Fujifilm Inkjet Photo-Paper: FUJIFILM HELLAS S.A.


When the sun goes down, I raise my head as I hear the sound of birds flying between the apartment buildings. I had noticed that at this specific time, birds start talking. There is a lot of noise over the city.

But something different happened the other day. I heard a noise from the opposite balcony. I saw that a bird was trapped and his friend was trying to save it.
It covered the voices of all the other birds in the sky. I tried to help them but I could not. Then I saw you through the window. My heart was beating fast, like a bird’s that has been caught by a human and it is very scared. I shouted at you but you did not hear. I left you a note. You are gone. I still have the note.

There is a place between cities and the skies. I like going there again and again. From this place the birds begin to fly over the cities. We are all so much the same and so different under the same sky.

In the early days of radar, echoes of many, small targets were seen but poorly understood. These echoes were called “angels”. Now, we know that the angels were actually birds.
This project is dedicated to my “angels”.
Alexandra Riba



Alexandra Riba is a photographer/cinematographer born (1997) in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a graduate of the “School of Film Studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”. She studied contemporary photography in “Stereosis school of photography” and exhibited her photographs in prestigious art spaces in Greece and abroad such as Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, The Benaki Museum and Loosen art, Rome. She has worked also as a still photographer in movie sets, in theatre productions. Also as a cinematographer with directors Syllas Tzoumerkas and Nikos Kolioukos.

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