A Couple of Photos | Dimitris Mougos



Dimitris Mougos

Curated by

Eleni Giannakouli

Collaboration: The Eye Altering

Opening: Friday, 13 October, 20:00

Dimitris Mougos captures moments of his circle of friends, allowing us to glimpse into the intricate mosaic of their friendship and artistic creation. He presents a cycle of brotherly friends who spend creative time and embark on a journey together.

With each click, the group creates a space. With each click, a moment of their collective experience is preserved in time forever. These photographs become more than mere snapshots; they become carriers of emotions, enclosing laughter, anxiety, success, companionship. Mougos’s decision to turn these images into a photographic album and to engage with it fully and experientially at every stage of its production is a statement. It is an ode to friendship.

At the same time, through his personal perspective, he conveys the atmosphere of the concerts: chaos, immediacy, passion, and creation blend into one. Through his lens, we become witnesses to a unique atmosphere. From small venues to packed stages, his photographs create a visual symphony.

Deviating from the traditional layout of an exhibition, where photos are uniformly framed and displayed on walls, Mougos fills the gallery space with thousands of prints, chaotically arranged amidst a curated selection of photographs, along with findings left behind by concertgoers and various objects collected over the years, merging the ephemeral with the tangible.

The thousands of prints, the leftover objects, the rough papers from the book printing process – all contribute to an in-situ photographic environment. Meanwhile, the artist provides the viewer with a new, powerful standpoint to renegotiate their relationship with both artworks and objets trouvés, as the boundaries between past and present, art and life, remain indistinct.

Ultimately, Dimitris Mougos freezes time by crafting a complete narrative. A story obsessively filled with similar moments, days, and hours that repeat throughout the years. Following Alexis (Lex), we hear each person’s story within the group, but ultimately, it’s a story for all of us, as it’s a tale filled with familiarity, one worth hearing and telling – a story about things and habits that happen again and again. “Obsession is everyone’s unique truth,” Mougos would say, unveiling his own obsessions and those of his people.



Dimitris Mougos was born in Thessaloniki in 1984. With a strong foundation in graphic arts, he pursued his passion for photography while studying at the School of Applied Arts and Culture in Athens and earning a postgraduate degree from Goldsmiths College in London. Since 2012 he lives and works in Thessaloniki. Alongside his personal endeavors, he actively contributes to MOUGOS Image & Communication, a family business specialising in photography, visual communication, and graphic arts.

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